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The DIY kit is based on the Linux-based Raspberry Pi, a small, low-powered plug-and-play computer designed to give more people around the world easier and more affordable access to computers. Unlike other DIY Pi kits, Kano’s package offers an “end-to-end computer” with unprecedented user-friendliness that uses fun and simple methods to teach the public everything from how to assemble the computer to how to code. After assembly, users can make spreadsheets, play games like Minecraft, watch HD videos, synthesize music, or learn code.

Each kit consists of everything required to build a computer–besides the screen–including a Raspberry Pi, 8GB SD card, a case, wireless keyboard with trackpad, cables, and speaker. Kano will also include their Debian-based Kano open source software that comes with KanoBlocks, a graphical programming language to make coding easier to understand. Each kit will come equipped with visual instruction booklets on assembly and other creative projects such as coding programs such as games.

Pledge funders can either purchase a DIY kit through a single $99 option or through a “get one, give one” option where the second computer is donated to a sponsored child. Kano hopes to ship the computers to backers by the summer of next year.

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