Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally recently told Bloomberg News that the company is thinking of producing electric vehicles in China with their Chinese auto partner Changan Automobile Group. Ford is already part of the largest auto market in the world — yes, that would be China — but they haven’t yet produced electric vehicles there. In fact they are rolling out their first US market EV in 2012. As the Chinese government looks to reduce their astronomically high yearly emissions, companies like Daimler AG and General Motors Company have already announced plans to make EVs there.

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As we move to more electrification, you’re going to see more hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric,” Mulally told Bloomberg News on September 24th. Mulally didn’t say when the EV making would start but he was in China for the groundbreaking of a transmission factory built in partnership with Changan so that may be a clue of what’s to come.

Ford’s sales in China are up 11% this year and they are looking to raise their global sales by 50% by 2015. Ford’s partnership with Changan, their new plants in China and their possible move to chinese-made electric vehicles for the huge Chinese market will only help raise those figures. Mulally seems confident that this is the right move for the motor company, telling Bloomberg News, “the most important to do in business is to match production to the real demand and operate profitably.”

Via Bloomberg