In an effort to stabilize carbon dioxide emissions, Ford has announced that it is the first automaker to join a voluntary greenhouse gas reporting program in India. Ford already voluntarily reports greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, China, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

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The voluntary reporting tracks Ford’s CO2 emissions, which aligns with the automaker’s goals to reduce CO2 emissions at its global facilities, including two in Chennai, India, by 30 percent per vehicle by 2025. “Ford is pleased to be the first automaker to participate in the voluntary India greenhouse gas reporting program,” said Andy Hobbs, director of the company’s environmental quality office. “We look forward to sharing our knowledge and helping to establish greenhouse gas reporting in India.”

In addition to being the first automaker to provide greenhouse reporting in India, Ford will also assist in the establishment of credible and verifiable greenhouse gas inventories. Ford continues to find ways to lower its CO2 emissions at its global facilities and since 2000, Ford’s CO2 emissions have dropped 47 percent.

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