Ford set a new speed record at the Daytona International Speedway using a racing car equipped with a pickup truck engine. Racer Colin Braun reached 222.971 mph (358.837 km/h) in a single lap that smashed a 26-year-old record previously held by Bill Elliott in a Ford Thunderbird that attained 210.364 mph (338.548 km/h). The Ford prototype was powered by an EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Image © Ford Racing

“This engine is the future,” said Doug Yates, the CEO of Roush Yates Racing, the company that built the prototype in partnership with Ford. “This Ford EcoBoost engine includes all the newest technologies — direct injection, turbocharging and high efficiency. We’re looking at taking it to the next level through this sports car racing program.”

The EcoBoost turbocharged engine is designed to achieve the same horsepower and torque of larger engines but achieve 20 percent better fuel efficiency and 15 percent reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The Ford F-150 pickup truck and eight other models are currently equipped with the environmentally friendly engine with the goal of 90 percent of Ford vehicles available with EcoBoost by 2014.

The V6 EcoBoost engines are assembled at the Cleveland Engine Plant No. 1 in Brook Park, Ohio.

Via Wired

Lead image via Ford Racing