It’s no secret that Tesla has revolutionized the electric car market with the Model S. Automakers like General Motors have taken notice of public interest and now Ford has revealed that it is considering building a similar long-range electric car that would rival the Model S’s 265-mile range.

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During a recent conference call, Ford CEO Mark Fields revealed to reporters that Ford has taken a closer look at the Model S. “Taking a closer look” actually involved taking a vehicle apart and rebuilding it. After closer examination of the Model S, Ford is now reportedly considering building its own long-range electric car. Fields told reporters that a long-range electric car would be “consistent with [Ford’s] product philosophy.”

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Ford currently offers one fully electric car, the Ford Focus Electric, but its limited 76-mile driving range can’t stand up against the Model S. The Focus Electric has also had a hard time competing against other electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, which has forced Ford to consistently lower the price of the Focus Electric.

Will Ford build an actual rival to the Tesla Model S? Mark Fields says that Ford has no plans to build an electric car that would compete directly with the Model S, but a new electric car with a longer range than the Focus Electric is a possibility.

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Via The Christian Science Monitor