President Obama recently called on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to ensure that EVs weren’t silently bowling over people who couldn’t see, or hear, them coming, by mandating that EVs emit a sound to warn pedestrians of their approach. We’re thinking car makers will have more fun with this considerate but slightly backward-thinking mandate in the future, but for now companies like Ford are simply adding the soundtrack of an engine back into the mix. To make sure they give their customers what they want (or at least something they don’t think is ridiculous), Ford has posted four possible soundtracks to YouTube and asked their fans for comments on Facebook.

The new engine sounds will go on hybrid and electric cars beginning around the 2014 model year, so if you want a truly silent EV, you had better go buy one asap. What do you think of the engine sounds Ford is offering, which range from a quiet traditional engine to more of an jet engine whine? Let us know in comments, and be sure to check out the playlist of the four official sounds below that help avoid confusion with the spoof videos already popping up on YouTube, including the “Marimba” option… which, on second thought, would get our vote for sure.

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Via All Cars Electric