Ford has unveiled the new Ford Focus ECONetic compact car ahead of its debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show next week. This compact car’s claim to fame is its efficiency: at 80 miles per gallon, the ECONetic has the best fuel mileage of any compact car available in Europe. Ford also expects the car to be certified at a low 95 g/km of CO2 emissions. How did they achieve such high mileage with a traditional engine?

New Ford Focus ECOnetic, Europe's Most Fuel Efficient Compact=

To reach 80 mpg, Ford used a combination of a turbo-charged diesel engine with a new injection system, aerodynamic body design, low-resistance tires, and technologies such as Ford’s Auto-Start-Stop, Eco Mode, and Smart Regenerative Charging to glean every ounce of efficiency they could from the little car.

The ECONetic will be available in 2012 in four-door and wagon styles.

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