Last week, Ford unveiled its all-new Focus Electric at the Consumer Electronics Show, and the company’s EV excitement continues at the Detroit Auto Show. Today, Ford announced the addition of two more electric vehicles, both eco-versions of the company’s C-MAX, a five-passenger wagon: the C-MAX Energi, which will be a plug-in hybrid similar to the Chevy Volt, and the C-MAX hybrid, which will use the company’s existing hybrid-electric powertrain that powers the Ford Fusion.

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Ford has not yet revealed exact stats for the vehicles, but they are promising the Energi to deliver a driving range of 500 miles and a better charge-sustaining fuel economy than the Chevy Volt. The hybrid model is targeted to deliver better fuel economy than Ford’s Fusion Hybrid, which gets 41mpg.

Ford uses a blended hybrid powertrain, meaning that the vehicle first uses the charge of the battery and then runs in regular hybrid mode, which supposedly produces the best fuel economy. It also allows Ford to use a smaller, lighter, and cheaper battery, making the vehicle more affordable for consumers. The Energi features the same driver information systems as the Focus Electric, which provide drivers with eco-information like the battery’s charge, distance to the nearest charge location, and the impact of vehicle systems like air conditioning. The guide also provides drivers with their energy consumption at the end of each trip, and the map-based navigation system coaches drivers on the most energy efficient route.

Ford’s rollout of five new hybrid and electric vehicles began last December with the Ford Transit Connect Electric, a small commercial van. The fifth model will be another next-generation hybrid, to be announced next year in the U.S. With 140,000 hybrids on the road, Ford is currently the largest domestic producer of electrified vehicles in America.

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