One of the best parts about electric cars is how connected they are. While some automakers have released apps connecting owners to their electric cars via their smartphone, others are taking connectedness a step further – to people’s wrists. Ford has announced a new smartwatch app called MyFord Mobile that lets drivers unlock their doors and check important data, like available driving range, straight from their Android Wear or Apple Watch.

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If you own a Ford Focus Electric, Ford C-MAX Energi or Ford Fusion Energi, you’ll love the new Smartwatch app that lets you control some of your vehicle’s functions from your wrist.

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Drivers of Ford’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will be able to check their battery charge status, unlock their doors and even get a driving score with the MyFord Mobile application. The app also informs users when their car is fully charged, and if you forget where you parked, the app will provide walking or driving directions back to your parked car. Ford isn’t the first automaker to offer a smartwatch app, since BMW, Hyundai and even Volvo have recently introduced similar apps.

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