Sometimes, there is a distinct line between where the forest meets the urban fringe. Other times, the two are interconnected seamlessly through planning with a focus on quality of life and engagement with the outdoors. Such is the case at the Forestias, one of the largest property development projects in Thailand

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A path way leads to a structure

The development encompasses a blend of city life with traditional Thai architecture and a multi-generational lifestyle. In the center of it all is a comprehensive green design developers call The Forest Pavilion. Making up 48,000 square meters, the urban forest acts as a connection between all areas of the development. The idea is to promote happiness and health for the residents with a philosophy called, “Symbiosis with Nature.”

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A pathway is within a forest area

The landscape design team at TK Studio developed the layout to encourage an effortless relationship with nature, balancing the needs of the environment with the needs of humans. The forest naturally filters carbon out of the air and releases fresh oxygen. It also provides an easily accessible outdoor experience within steps of urban residential housing. 

A pathway leads through a urban residential area

The project has a long-term vision with a landscape plan meant to grow and expand for decades. Planning for the future of the forest isn’t common in urban developments, so planting with purpose is notable. The project is sustainably focused through the integration of native plants, which require less water and maintenance. 

A mother and son walking along a pathway that is lined with green on both sides

The greenspace also creates a natural habitat, attracting a diverse range of wildlife. While the soft edges of the forest meld into the rigidity of the city beyond, the animals simply adopt it as native habitat. 

Two people playing in the water where a stone steps

The project implemented elements of LEED, WELL and SITES standards for passive design elements and high-quality lifestyle. Flowing from the Forest Pavilion into the Forestias, residents and guests enter a space that is currently a sales gallery. It is soon to be converted into an ecosystem educational center. 

A structure juts out into the sky

Designers on the project hope to set an example for a community-based urban design that puts people and the environment at the center of the discussion. 

+ TK Studio Co., Ltd.

Photography by Rungkit Charoenwat and Weerapol Singnoi