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Comprised of two rings surrounding circular decking, the Forest Pavilion is 22 feet tall and has a diameter of 60 feet. Used to host both the opening and closing ceremonies of the art festival, the pavilion was built by members of the local Amis tribe that has been historically left behind by development in the area. They are experts in bamboo construction techniques.

So impressed by the pavilion’s design, members of the tribe have since requested permission from nArchitects to use their techniques in future bamboo projects in Hualien county. Taking inspiration from the rings of a tree and the unpredictable growth patterns in nature, this lightweight and endlessly renewable outdoor space has a very small impact on the environment in which it was placed. We think that if any design were going to encourage locals to pay more attention to their natural bounty, this would be it!

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All photographs © Iwan Baan

Plan courtesy nARCHITECTS