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Mom’s festive cut outs may take a back seat this year to Holleis’ high design 3D printed cookies. He began by designing the spiral and ring shaped cookies in a 3D imaging program. Loading up the 3D printing machine with colored sugar cookie dough (rather than the usual plastic), he set the printer to work, watching as it designed one delicate cookie at a time. Once complete, the cookies were popped into the oven, before being devoured.

We all remember watching as the Star Trek Replicator would recreate Earth foods for the Next Generation’s crew. Holleis’ project brings food replication one step closer to becoming a common thing in our lives. In the past few months, 3D printers have become more commonplace, with shops and products popping up in the consumer world.

What was once an expensive process just for techy designers is now accessible to the average consumer, with shops and stations set up offering customers to come in and 3D print almost anything their heart desires. Shops like MakerBot and 3DEA offer not only 3D printing stations, but affordable 3D printers that customers can take home to print at their leisure.

This holiday you can indulge your sweet tooth and your inner nerd by modernizing holiday cookie baking into a technological treat!

+ Ralf Holleis