Utilizing neglected forks, Wendy W. Fok of We-Designs has produced the Forkalier lamp. Using everyday objects that are often overlooked or quickly discarded, the Forkalier takes a stab at reclaiming them from dusty drawers and scrap piles for daily use once again. A finalist in our Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition, we love its playful, yet functional tone. Show your support for the eye-catching design by voting for it here.


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The internal frame of the lamp is constructed from laser cut rings that are made from recycled MDF taken from demolished office interior projects. The repeated elements of the everyday objects create a non-traditional approach to a neo-baroque design, which also enriches our lives and light up our everyday needs.

Wendy Fok is the founder of We-Designs an international multi-disciplinary group that focuses on material research and alternative fabrication among other design functions.

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