Vessel Ideation is the creator of this fashionable concept tea kettle, which was designed with both boiling and serving in mind. We love the modern look, the advanced technology, but mostly the fact that it blooms beautiful blue patterns when the water is hot enough. It’s like hypercolor for tea.

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“One” is made from enamel-coated stainless steel with high temp silicon. You fill the kettle with filtered water from the center spout, place it on your stove and heat like normal. The super-efficient kettle lets you know when the water is hot because the lovely blue graphic will magically appear – no high-pitch whistle. The neck is cool to the touch and can be handled without a hot pad. To bring it to the table, you set it down onto its magnetic trivet, which includes Franklinite metal that has magnetic properties when heated. As the pot cools, the magnetic trivet will release from the pot.

You can’t brew your tea in the pot, so if that’s important to you, this might not be your best option. Unfortunately this is only in concept phase, but it did win first place in the World Kitchen Tea-Off. The concept is elegant, simple and pretty. Now it may not match your tea set, but it will certainly save you from using an extra step to serve your guests, not to mention it is more efficient than pouring hot water into a cold tea pot. Bring on the innovation – we like it. Check out the video of how it works here.

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Via Design Sponge Online