After four years under the Obama administration as the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson will begin a position at Apple as their lead environmental adviser. CEO Tim Cook announced the decision Tuesday at the All Things Digital D11 conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The move seems to be in line with Apple’s efforts in recent years to green its operations, which include taking steps towards running its data centers on renewable energy and reducing the amounts of toxic metals in its products.

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Jackson is slated to join Apple as their Vice President of Environmental Initiatives. “Apple has shown how innovation can drive real progress by removing toxics from its products, incorporating renewable energy in its data center plans, and continually raising the bar for energy efficiency in the electronics industry,” she said. “I look forward to helping support and promote these efforts, as well as leading new ones in the future aimed at protecting the environment.”

Jackson has a background as a chemical engineer and began working at the EPA as a staff-level employee in 1987. After spending 16 years at the agency, she moved to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. During her tenure at the EPA as its lead, she oversaw tougher fuel efficiency standards, dealt with the Deepwater Horizon spill, named CO2 as a hazard, and amended the National Ambient Air Quality Standards to set stricter limits on smog.

Jackson will report directly to Cook and most likely oversee initiatives such as their data center energy operations and their efforts to source metals from non-conflict countries. Her move from the public to private sector marks a major shift in her career and sends a message that Apple is committed to improving their environmental footprint.

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Images via Wikicommons user Haotian0905 and the EPA.