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Atrium Spa & Beauté

Italian designer Alberto Apostoli was eager to take on the challenge of converting the basement space into a stylish spa setting. The upper level, where one can receive hair, hand, and face spa treatments, is conventional but chic. Once you descend the staircase to the lower level, you are greeted by a soft, soothing atmosphere, thanks to indirect LED strip lighting. All unsightly elements needed to run the facility are strategically hidden away behind a curtain.

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Atrium Spa & Beauté

The underground spa’s 270 square meters fit a Finnish sauna, steam bath made almost entirely out of glass, and a space for a hydro massage. Two single rooms and a double room downstairs each feature custom Italian furniture. Throughout the rooms, a black and white color palette is used to accompany the natural stone walls, with a few splashes of gold.

Atrium Spa & Beauté

“What is especially satisfying in the result is the mix of pre-existing stone and contemporary materials, managed through a thoughtful creative process,” said Apostoli. “The owners trusted us entirely in our thinking and this led to a major achievement from the point of view of consistency in both style and technology.” The spa is near Saint Pierre’s Church and is thought to have served as a crypt hundreds of years ago. With the current transformation, one would never know.

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Images via Alexandre Montagne