Trader Joe’s former president Doug Rauch is tackling wasted food from supermarkets by repackaging it and selling it to underserved urbanites. Rauch is spearheading a new food discount store called Daily Table, which will offer overstocked food at deeply discounted prices. Aside from combating food waste, the program will also bring nutrition to those who cannot afford consistent healthy meals.

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Surprisingly, around 40 percent of the food sold at America’s grocery stores gets thrown out either because it has been overstocked or exceeded its sell-by date. Knowing that most of the food is still good for a short time after the sell-by dates, Rauch conceived Daily Table as a way to reuse the food, while helping his community.

Daily Table will use food that has just passed its sell-by date, as well as cosmetically damaged food (dinged cans or torn boxes) to cook up prepared foods for customers in need. The store will incorporate a grocery store-meets-restaurant model with ready-to-eat meal components offered at affordable prices.

Would-be customers need not worry about consuming expired food; Rauch and his team guarantee that the food they’ll be dishing out is perfectly safe since they will only utilize stock that is only one or two days passed its printed expiration date. Fruits and vegetables will comprise the main ingredients of healthy, vitamin rich meals.

The first Daily Table will open next year in Dorchester, Massachusetts, with other locations in inner-city regions planned for the future.