At Oxford University today Gordon Murray unveiled his revolutionary new T.25 City Car design. The Formula One legend, who is best known for designing dozens of cars that have come in first in the Grand Prix, has decided to turn his eye to more fuel efficient modes transportation. The T.25 is a car that not only tackles congestion and fuel efficiency issues but also creates a whole new paradigm for the automotive manufacturing process. To create this lil’ guy — using Murray’s iStream® process — you need less space, less cash and less energy than ever before.

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The T.25 can support a variety of fuels and power trains making it ideal for a wide variety of locales and transportation systems. If you’ve got biodiesel nearby, run your T.25 on plants. If you have hydrogen nearby, make it a water emitting vehicle. The T.25’s low-cost lightweight structure makes it super fuel efficient running on any kind of energy and its Formula 1 derived materials make it super strong and ultra-safe. It has six different interior configurations to make sure it meets a wide variety of driver needs and it is so small, you can park it perpendicular to a curb if needed, solving those nasty no-parking place issues in urban areas.

The iStream® process used to produce the T.25 is a complete re-think on high volume materials, as well as the manufacturing process and offers a significant reduction in CO2 emissions over the lifecycle of the vehicles produced using it, compared with conventional ones,” said CEO Gordon Murray. “The simplified assembly process means that an assembly plant can be designed to be 20% of the size of a conventional factory. This could reduce capital investment in the assembly plant by approximately 80%.” Murray is aiming to reconfigure not only the way we drive, but also the way we manufacture our automobiles. A noble mission if we do say so ourselves.

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