Can we stand a revival of the happy hippy movement? If it means that we’ll have more eye-popping trailers like this one revived by Pierre Arnoux in France, then we say go full steam ahead. At only 20 square meters, the trailer’s tiny size is aggrandized by a bevy of brightly colored decorations. It’s unclear whether the interior furnishings are recycled, but by gutting and renovating a used trailer, the designers saved all kinds of materials that would have been necessary to build a new home or rental. This trailer home may not suit everybody, but we are ready to don our bellbottoms and share the sustainable love!

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Pierre Arnoux is known for buying up forsaken buses and transforming them into happy homes. This trailer parked in the Jardin de la Licorne near Deaville is a classic example of how abandoned shells can be easily transformed at the fraction of what it would cost to start new construction projects. They also save on building materials. With thousands of old boats, buses, decrepit buildings floating around, designers are sure to take inspiration from this simple adaptive re-use project for their future projects. We know we have.

Via Luxinteriordesigns