The winner of the extremely exciting Re:Vision Dallas competition to create a completely sustainable community on a run-down city block in downtown Dallas was just announced yesterday – and it’s incredible! “Fowarding Dallas,” submitted by Portuguese-based architectural firms Atelier Data and Moov took the grand prize with their hillside-inspired design that consists of a series of peaks and valleys, runs completely on renewable energy, is covered in vegetation, and can even grow its own food. The coolest part? This mixed-use eco-community won’t just a concept – it will actually be constructed in Dallas in 2011!

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Last May, six entries in the competition were chosen as potential designs to further explore for construction and buildout. After analyzing the proposals with respect to the site, construction costs, review of engineering and architecture, as well as the realization of the sustainability goals, Forwarding Dallas emerged as the winner.  John Greenan, Executive Director for Central Dallas CDC said, “Dallas would be a richer city to have the work of any of these architects represented, but as we went further into our review, we began to see the deep logic of the MOOV-Atelier Data design, Forwarding Dallas. Forwarding Dallas seemed to us to do the best job of incorporating concepts of sustainability into the foundation of the design.”

The design proposes a series of hillside structures, with public spaces and trees located in the valleys, and solar panels and building-integrated wind turbines on the peaks. Renewable energy will completely power the community, while rainwater will be collected and stored for use within the complex. Each hillside will be covered in vegetation with greenhouses located in southern areas. Construction of the community will be completely prefabricated and streamlined to be as cost effective as possible. Housing options range from studios to three bedroom flats. and there will be many public spaces for residents including a spiritual space, gymnasium, café, exhibition space and daycare facility.

The panel of jurors considered four major criteria when choosing the winner: sustainability and reality of intent; affordability/constructability; innovation and originality; and incorporation of sustainable materials and practices. Forwarding Dallas hit all of these marks. City officials and the Central Dallas Community Development Corporation are very excited about this project and what it can do to help revitalize the downtown area. They anticipate the community will also spur on more sustainable development. Construction is expected to begin in early 2011.

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