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Foster and Partners updated their plans for Apple’s Cupertino campus with pedestrian paths that give walkers access to more natural light and an enhanced planted landscape along the Creek Trail. Green coverage was also added throughout the pedestrian walkways and bike paths to provide better air quality as well as space for public art projects.

The bike lanes were adjusted the most – they now feature a buffer lane that protects cyclists from oncoming traffic. Foster and Partners extended the bike paths to incorporate the entire campus, encouraging employees to use green transportation to get to work. A public bus transit hub was also added to encourage public transportation.

The new plan also includes more parking spaces, making it easier for employees to commute, regardless of their method. Although the amendments are sure to please employees, the expansion tacks on an additional $2 billion, bringing the project’s total cost to an anticipated $5 billion total. The adjustment also pushes the project back – the first phase is now expected to be completed in 2016 instead of 2015.

+ Foster and Partners

Via Arch Paper