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Part of the $209 million Spaceport building project funded by New Mexico’s taxpayers, the terminal hangar is getting closer to liftoff. What will eventually become a government owned hangar like any other commercial airport in the United States, the Spaceport terminal will nonetheless have many more sustainable features than the standard airport. So far, pre-weathered THF panels and THF energy glass have been put up, along with interior infrastructure such as the soffit that will eventually play host to chilled beams, all of which will ensure maximum energy efficiency when outdoor temperatures soar. Still to come are photovoltaic panels, a thin shell concrete roof that will ensure optimum thermal massing, and a heat rejection system that involves closed loop geothermal piping buried underground.

Although we worry that space travel will increase already dangerously high levels of carbon emissions in our atmosphere, we admire Foster & Partners’ longstanding commitment to creating beautiful projects that exceed the energy performance of their rather humdrum counterparts!

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