Foster + Partners, Latin America, Faena Aleph Residences, Argentina, daylighting, solar shades, natural ventilation

The Faena District of Buenos Aires is an upscale neighborhood brimming with new construction. Foster + Partners designed the project for a team owned by the Faena Group that advocates green spaces and architecture to raise awareness of environmental movements around the world. As Alan Faena put it, they “called on Foster, one of the world’s most prestigious architects, to bring his vision to our own”.

Foster + Partners‘ Aleph building is designed to adapt to the climate of Buneos Aires. The space takes advantage of the thin line separating the interior and exterior spaces with double-height patios and collapsible window-walls. These window walls introduce natural ventilation and shading controls as an integrated building technology for the inhabitants. Moveable solar shading devices are also installed on the balconies of each unit. Luckily for most inhabitants of Buenos Aires, the climate is mild enough that most active systems, such as HVAC, aren’t needed.

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