Foster + Partners were just selected to design the two million square foot mixed-use First and Mission Towers in San Francisco. The development will be a joint venture of the architecture firm and TMG Partners, one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest mixed-use property developers. This will be the firm’s first residential and mixed-use project in San Francisco.

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The towers, located in the Transbay Area, will comprise 1.35 million square feet of office and commercial space and 650,000 square feet of residential units. One of the towers, housing residential units in a 605 feet tall volume, will be adjusted to the scale of the neighboring building, while the adjacent 850 foot hotel, residential and office tower will act as a symbol for the city’s new vertical city quarter.

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The office spaces will be designed in a flexible manner supported by the building’s orthogonal structural system developed specifically for seismically active regions areas such as the San Francisco Bay area. The buildings will be open and transparent at ground level, which is meant to integrate the buildings with the exiting urban tissue and act as a new “urban room” for the area. Situated near the Transbay Terminal, the towers are expected to bring together living and work activities with the city’s most important transport hub.

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