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The densely populated neighborhood of Bekasi is just outside of the metropolis of Jakarta, a slightly more suburban and relaxed area for city workers to inhabit with their families. With an affinity for sustainable design, the clients asked Atelier Riri to incorporate the four shipping containers into the architecture of their home.

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The four containers were arranged cross-wise, and overlapping, created an open area in the center of the structure. The metal shipping containers also primarily make up the common areas of the requested hobby room on the second floor, rather than bedrooms due to the nature of the container’s uninsulated material. Reclaimed pine ceilings were added to the container-rooms for extra thermal comfort, as were interspersed double glazed windows, which let in natural light and block solar gain. The containers are met with balconies, which are floored with grass, giving an elevated yard effect.

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Each floor of the home is connected with ramps and stairways, which lead to a roof terrace, also made from reclaimed pine. Outdoor areas at the street level, balcony and roof level give a new structure and modern identity for Indonesian living.

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