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Jasper Morrison’s design was conceived as a home for a pigeon keeper. Boxes and perches with model birds are housed in blackened exterior made from plywood. The small house, adequately located on a large open space where pigeons are most often seen, has a small bed and desk nestled in one corner of the house and a display-like seating area looking out onto the square.

The bluepavilionby Studioilse has a neon sign on its roof and a display showing a Twitter feed with the visitors’ responses to the question ‘What does home mean to you?’ written on the floor. The designers addressed the issue of domesticity, safety and privacy. Daily rituals like reading the newspaper are filmed and projected onto two interior walls, accompanied by sounds of clattering kitchenware and furniture being moved.

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Design studio Raw Edge used folding furniture and sliding partitions to squeeze all the rooms found in a home into a small space. The design investigates the temporal quality of inhabiting a space and overlaps different function within one room. Parts of the furniture slide and fold together, with one of the exterior walls deliberately removed to allow visitors to observe and enter the space.

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Patternity’s pavilion acts a kaleidoscope. Visitors can turn a large wheel mounted on one of the walls, thus activating a camera which uploads a photograph of the space and reflected light to an online gallery. The team’s intention was to reduce living spaces to their geometric basic shapes, celebrating the basic elements of architecture- the circle, lines, triangles and squares.

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