The French are not only aiming to keep their streets clean, but green — next week the country will unveil a next-generation fleet of super quiet, all-electric vehicles that will collect garbage from city streets. The Parisian suburb of Courbevoie, with over 70,000 residents, will be the first region to benefit from the electric garbage trucks. The long-term aim however is to replace the entire country’s garbage fleet with the new vehicles that run on dual electric and thermal motors.

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The all-electric garbage truck has been on the drawing boards for the past three years and was developed by French electric vehicle company PVI along with Semat, who designs garbage collection vehicles. The new electric vehicles run on powerful lithium-ion batteries that allow the trucks to operate for over eight hours without recharging. The vehicles are also fully computer-operated, with a screen in the cabin that allows the driver to monitor his colleagues’ progress.

“The engineers faced a real challenge of how to make it all work together — how they would be able to minimize overall electrical usage and come up with the vehicle that we have here,” said SITA industrial director, Cyril Fraissinet.

SITA France, a subsidiary of waste management company Suez Environnement, is currently planning to release 11 trucks before the end of the year. Expect the vehicles to go nationwide once the trial period is over.

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