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3deluxe’s innovative update to the original facade illuminates the architectural surface as an outward extension of the entire building. The design is constructed from matt-black metal panels, varnished glass, and laser-perforated backlit metal sheets. Underneath, a computer-controlled grid composed of 310 LED light strips pulsates across the entire rectangular surface.

An incredible variety geometric patterns spring to life when the luminous facade is switched on – the LED grid produces sharp-edged lines, and orthogonal graphics are superimposed upon a transparent film sandwiched between the glass panes. The building’s convex facade and cylindrical tower are both lit up when the media wall shines with horizontal lines of light. The project’s complex structure interacts with the light formations to create an atmospheric and dynamic play of light.

Zeilgalerie’s new facade stands out with its innovative illuminated facade while settling in with the surrounding commercial buildings thanks to its subtle colour scheme and simple structure.

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Images courtesy of Emanuel Raab and 3deluxe