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A native Peumo tree greets the family as they access the home from the south; likewise an avocado tree is located near the interior hall windows, and an old Cypress boards the east side of the building. The prolonged approach of the visitor towards the access is accomplished by a paved esplanade, where the Peumo is the main presence. A lush and green garden borders the public space on the north and west side of the home, where the modern, transparent lines of the facade of the home slice through the garden.

The Miesian home is light but grounded by its white stone wall materiality. The lighting within the home at night creates wonderful silhouettes of the garden plants and trees, which further highlight the buildings interaction with its natural surroundings. 57Studio took great care in preserving the trees and vegetation native to this area and the modern home is just as much a piece of art as the foliage.