Is that the vampire dude from Twilight?

Eeeeek! These taxidermied toppers and pigeon-wing pendants may get your gag reflex going, but they’re actually much more humane than the horrible and cruel mink coats and furs that we’ve been brainwashed to think of as “luxurious.” RP/Encore, with the taxidermy expertise of Reid Peppard, who happens to be vegetarian, makes their skin-crawling collection of jewelry and accessories out of rat bodies, guinea pig feet, and preserved pigeon feathers. The cool part? The “materials” that make these pieces extra “unique” all come from animals who have gone to that big vermin graveyard in the sky as a result of natural death, pest control or car accidents. If you ask us, that makes these artfully preserved necklaces, hairpieces and coin purses WAY less disgusting than animals carcasses that have been slaughtered just to sew them into fur coat.