Here at Inhabitat we love bringing our green-thumbed readers revolutionary designs to help indoor gardens flourish – and that’s exactly what this clever Garden Tower compact farm does. The tower contains a miniature garden and composting system that provides enough space to grow up to 50 plants within 4 square feet.. Maximizing the space inside the towers, gardeners can grow plants vertically through the 45 openings around the outside and then pop in a few taller plants up top.

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Based in Bloomington, Indiana, the socially-responsible company began with the aim of creating innovative, collaborative and affordable gardening and food sustainability. After seeing a lecture about food crisis and security by Will Allen from Growing Power, founder Colin Cudmore was inspired to begin working on a solution. Volunteering at his local farmers market Cudmore noticed that customers were looking to buy fresh vegetables as opposed to starter plants. Garden Towers hopes to change all of that and show just how easy home gardening can be.

The prototype was built to meet a list of specific criteria, including: ease of use, constant availability of water and nutrients, efficient use of floor space, and no need for electricity or recurring costs. Now complete, the tower is a brilliant, free-to-use design which requires minimal effort to produce an abundant array of plants.

The Tower’s Kickstarter program launches April 17 and we’re sure that with their promise of a large, diverse harvest, Garden Towers will soon be helping out budding gardeners everywhere.

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