Who says solar power can’t be gorgeous? The people of New Caledonia are out to prove the naysayers wrong with what may be the most beautiful solar farm on the planet. The heart-shaped solar farm will supply 2 megawatts of solar power to 750 homes on the Pacific island, reducing carbon emissions while enhancing the natural beauty of the plant’s surroundings.


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A local beverage company called Froico SA commissioned the stunning plant, which is being built by Conergy, and should start generating power next year. New Caledonian’s are building the plant to help reduce the French territory’s dependence on foreign energy, and by the time the plant reaches the end of its life cycle in 25 years, it is expected to save around 2 million tons of emissions.

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The plant’s shape was inspired by a nearby mangrove forest that has naturally grown into a heart shape, known as the “Coeur de Voh.” “The ‘Coeur de Voh’ is an important landmark for the people of New Caledonia, and shows just how extraordinary nature can be,” managing director of Conergy said. “The ‘Heart of New Caledonia’ solar plant will be its man-made double, a landmark for clean power generation.”

Via The Guardian

Lead image via Conergy, image via Wikimedia