French startup Rollkers SAS is coming to the U.S. to unveil their unique shoe accessory that could seriously put some spring in America’s step. The Rollkers undershoe is described as a “transportation accessory that increases a person’s average walking rate up to 7 miles per hour” by affixing wheels to the soles of their shoes.

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The company, which was started in 2012, has already proven a big hit in Europe with its leading product winning a silver medal at the 2013 Inventions in Geneva exhibition. Rollkers have now made their U.S. debut at the CES exhibition where it is hoped they will find similar success.

Rollkers founder Paul Chavand came up with the idea of his shoe accessory after he enjoyed the “magic feeling experienced when using the ‘travelator,’ or the moving walkway traditionally found in airports.” Unfortunately installing travelators around an entire city was a bit impractical, so he essentially inverted the problem and focused on integrating the technology into footwear.

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“That was my incentive for creating the Rollkers product. It seriously disturbed me that a lot of people focus exclusively on new technology,” Chavand said. “I am firmly convinced that good, old technology should not be forgotten in the innovative process – inventions that combine both are truly the way of the future. And with Rollkers, it happens right now.”

The product is expected to be a big hit with a market that is increasingly favoring environmentally friendly products.

“People drive and take public transportation that pollutes the air and environment with nasty emissions; and Rollkers helps to reduce that to some extent,” Chavand said. “With Rollkers, one immediately acquires the ability for faster transportation based on walking, the most natural of all transportation means, without negatively contributing to environmental issues.”

If all goes as planned at CES, expect the product to be available in mid-2015.

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