French students Marianne Cauvard and Raphaël Pluvinagehave come up with a fantastically weird project that uses agar-agar — red algae — jelly to create music. Dubbed Noisy Jelly, the project involves cooking colored jelly with a few grams of algae powder and then molding it into different geometric shapes. The shapes are then placed on a sensor board that creates music when each one is touched!

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So how does it work? Technically the game board is a capacitive sensor that creates different sounds according to the shape of the figures, salt concentration, and finger pressure. A weird experiment or a fun tasty game, Cauvard and Pluvinage’s Noisy Jelly gives a fresh, wobbly new aesthetic tomusical instruments.

+ Marianne Cauvard

+ Raphaël Pluvinage

Photo © Véronique Huygue