Imagine being able to pick up fresh, locally produced milk right from a vending machine? Well that’s exactly how some farmers in south-west France will be selling their milk going forward. Dairy farmer Michel Cantaloube is the brains behind the venture, which provides unpasteurized milk 24 hours a day. Customers can step up to the machine and buy just the right amount they need of raw milk (which is legal to sell in France) fresh from one of the farm’s 50 Holstein cows. It’s not clear whether the dispenser allows customers to refill their own vessels, an adaptation that would make this great independent and local project all the more sustainable.

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Situated in Montauban, the milk farms produce milk under the Bleu Blanc Coeur label, a sustainable milk producing brand that promotes the health benefits of unpasteurized milk (they suggest that some lactose allergies are primarily reactions to the pasteurization process). The farms will soon also be expanding into greener pastures by producing a vending machine for unpasteurized yogurt which has a longer shelf-life and a large appeal. So far, the milk vending machines have been installed in France and also in some parts of neighbouring countries like the UK and Spain.

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