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As the story goes, Freya and Robin lived on opposite sides of the lake and had never met. Robin lived on the north side of the lake and spent his days climbing trees and skipping about with the woodland animals, while Freya lived on the south and loved collecting flowers. Freya built Robin a beautiful cabin as a way to entice him across the shores to come and meet her, and meet her he eventually did. The two fell in love and went off in search of adventure, flowers and mountains.

The two shelters by Studio Weave are inspired by the story. One shelter is a simple structure covered in wood shingles for Robin. The other is Freya’s cabin, which she built for Robin and is in the image of what she imagined Robin’s woodland home to be like. Layers of prefab cut plywood sheets in the shape of tree silhouettes are sandwiched together and wrapped in “gold” or copper in this recreation as gold would have been too expensive. The shelters are sited on opposite shores of the lake and are accessed by a wide path for hikers and bikers to enjoy. Their construction on the lake was a way to retell the story and encourage a love of nature in others just like Freya and Robin had.

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