The world’s oceans breed some of the most spectacular-looking creatures around – from the mantis shrimpto an apparent “living rock”, there’s all manner of aquatic eye candy to behold. And the two cartoonish, adorable species that fall into the delightfully nicknamed “fried egg jellyfish” category are no exception.

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Residing in the earth’s cooler waters, the Phacellophora camtschatica is the larger of the two species with a width of up to two feet and sixteen clusters of tentacles that can each reach as much as 20 foot in length. While its size might suggest a somewhat intimidating creature, its sting is reportedly so weak that small crustaceans are know to hitch rides on the jelly, and even steal food from its tentacles.

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The smaller of the fried egg jellyfish, the Cotylorhiza tuberculata, hangs out in the warmer waters of the Mediterranean, Aegean and Adriatic Seas. Its diameter tops out at 35cm (and usually remains under 17cm), and much like the larger of the fried egg jellyfish, its sting is weak—weak enough to have no known effect on humans—making it just as adorable as it looks.

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