German company HUF HAUS is offering gorgeous green houses to the masses by bringing Bauhaus style to factory-made green homes. The company’s signature post-and-beam construction allows for big open spaces, and they serve them up with solar panels and even an optional geothermal heating system.

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Tripe-glazed glass walls open the houses onto the landscape while also providing maximum insulation. Sure, there’s a healthy dose of (responsibly forested) wood involved along with the more conventional concrete, but here’s something nifty: HUF HAUS’s factory uses its wood offcuts to generate some of the electricity it uses.

HUF HAUS has just opened an office in the United States — based in Cleveland, but serving the whole country — and the company insists that its houses are only pre-fab in the strictest sense of the word: the modular system is designed to be versatile, and, as you can see, every house is different.