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The new line accentuates the shape and origin of many of the pieces by leaving them whole, using the rough edges and interesting shapes to create unique chairs and table tops. For the dressers and armoires, the wood was cut into smaller rectangles, then arranged in a colorful zig-zag patterns across the fronts. The deep brown reclaimed rosewood next to the softer tan reclaimed teak makes for a beautiful combination, and each piece has a slightly different pattern thanks to the woods’ natural grain and coloring.

In Indonesia, “Bendera” means “flag” and From the Source wanted to combine color and patterns in the new collection in the same way that flags do. The bright yellow, magenta, and turquoise steel supports take their vibrant colors from the feathers of a macaw. They are the poles holding up the Indonesian wood pieces, like flags paying homage to their origins. From the Source is know for its imported pieces made from reclaimed Indonesian wood, and at ICFF, they highlighted their specialty by constructing their entire booth with the material.

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