Foam Party, anyone? London-based Vppr Architects installed a frothy futuristic Geodesic Foam Dome at this year’s 100% Design event. The architects designed the dreamy dome in the sky to create an indulgent spa-like ambiance, complete with frothy bubbles drifting to the ground. Who wouldn’t want to take a luxurious bubble bath in the sky?

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Vppr Architects’ Foam Dome was certainly one of the most eye-catching pavilions at this year’s event. Sponsored by Turkish Ceramics, the floating dome installation was a star feature at the Kitchen and Bathroom Hub Pavilion. The dome’s skeleton is sculpted out of lightweight white mesh. Foamy bubbles made out of simple soap and water are added to the structure continuously, creating a frothy bubble bath in the sky. Underneath the “interactive breathing membrane”, the white ceramic products, soft white towels and reclining chairscreate an inviting spa-like area for visitors to stop and enjoy the relaxing, ethereal atmosphere.

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vPPR Architects director Jessica Reynolds, explains that the dome design was meant to combine the world of luxury and playfulness: ‘We’ve designed Foam Dome around the idea of cleanliness, referencing the purifying and luxurious experience of a spa. We are fascinated by the architecture of foam and its ambiguous character. The composition and atmospheric quality of the Foam Dome is serene and inviting, drawing people towards its effervescent, glistening and constantly changing envelope. We think that incorporating the characteristics of foam into the pavilion is a playful approach to the Kitchen and Bathroom hub.”

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