Fruits and veggies are a beacon of light in photographer Radu Zaciu’s new series. Appropriately titled “The Light Inside,” the beautifully rendered series shows everyday foods with a vibrant new look, and unearthly colors and tones. Zaciu created the series by placing light bulbs in hollowed-out produce, giving fruits and veggies a glowing ethereal look.

Radu Zaciu, food photographer, vegetable photography, pineapple

At first glance, Zaciu’s photographs appear to be astronomical, showing cosmic plants and celestial bodies. But at closer look, the true nature of the fruit and vegetable subjects is revealed. Surreal colors and textures show through the veggie skins, allowing their inner beauty to radiate from within.

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Zaciu developed the series when experimenting with different kinds of lighting techniques, using household veggies as his test subjects. Inspired by a Jack-o’-Lantern, the photographer decided to partially hollow out some of his subjects, and place a light directly inside.

The resulting photographs may be simplistic in method, but come across as totally fantastical. The subjects, delicious and nutritious cauliflower, cabbage, potato, pear, strawberry, and pineapple are shown in a new, illuminating way. Textures both below and on the fruit and veggie surfaces are highlighted and accentuated. With the light within, fiber patterns and details that are not visible when enjoying the fruits and veggies are shown with dazzling detail.

The stunning photographs bring out the inner beauty of fruits and vegetables, as if there wasn’t already reason to love fresh produce!

+ Radu Zaciu

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