As the year comes to a close, the top auto magazines are publishing their picks for automobile of the year — and Britain’s Top Gear just named the Citroën DS3 as the 2010 title winner. Featuring an all-electric power steering system (EPS) pioneered by EPS leader Nexteer Automotive, this tiny, efficient vehicle is able to reduce overall fuel consumption by 5 percent. And did we mention it’s about as stylish as they come?

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The Citroën DS3 features an EPS that was initially brought to market via the 1999 Fiat Punto. Despite electric power steering’s ability to reduce fuel consumption by around 5 percent, car enthusiasts have expressed reservations about how the systems affect steering feel. However, the latest generation of EPS architectures by Nexteer mitigate the issue, and this eased concern is clear with Top Gear’s highest honor.

The win is great news for Citroën, who bested competitors ranging from the Nissan Leaf to supercars from the likes of Jaguar. The DS3 not only held its own in the auto realm, but it managed to drive home the point that fuel-efficient vehicles are a force to be reckoned with.

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Via Top Gear

Photos: Justin Leighton