Bicycling weather is here at last – however sudden spring showers threaten to soak cyclists who ride without a fender. Fortunately, Full Windsor has developed a tool-free Quickfix Fender that can be easily attached in seconds – just click it on and away you go. When you arrive, click it off, fold it up, and store it in your bag (in a plastic carrier bag if muddy) for another rainy day. The Quickfix attaches down the seat tube, protecting your upper legs and backside, and its origami design keeps it nice and rigid, but allows it to spring back when knocked, making it durable and resistant to breakage. Best of all, Full Windsor‘s fenders are designed to be readily recyclable and the black fenders and packaging are made from recycled material. They also use very little energy to make as they are die cut instead of injection moulded, and all the off cuts are recycled at point of manufacture, resulting in no by-product waste. They also weigh next to nothing (140g) and fold flat so are extremely efficient to ship. You can support Full Windsor by contributing to their Kickstarter here!

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