Much like wearing your heart on your sleeve, now you can wear your caffeine on your wrist. Joule, a new caffeinated bracelet, literally lets you soak up your daily caffeine fix through a patch. According to the product’s Indiegogo page, the patch is perfect for those who love coffee, but would also love to avoid staining their pearly whites. If you’re on the run and simply don’t have time for a traditional cup of joe, now you can just slap on a Joule!

Joule Caffeine Bracelet

A caffeinated patch attached to the Joule bracelet sits against your skin and thanks to the slow, steady absorption rate, lets you enjoy all of the positives of coffee without the negative side affects such as stained teeth, jitters or those mid-day energy crashes.

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According to the site’s Indiegogo description, the Joule skin patch offers 65mg of caffeine, roughly the same amount  as one cup of coffee, but since the amount is dispersed over four hours, users enjoy a steady stream of caffeine versus a quick jolt. Using the patch also eliminates that immediate acidic coffee jolt to your system, which means avoiding those embarrassing morning runs to the office bathroom.

A Joule starter kit costs $29.

+ Joule on Idiegogo

Images via Joule