Do you remember the Rubik’s snake? It was a fun, twisty toy made of wedges on spring bolts. You could twist the toy into a thousand configurations, but never separate them. Oikimus Design has come up with a revolutionary lamp based on that old toy, featuring LEDs and a 5×5 design that allows the lamp to take on a nearly endless variety of shapes.

Calling the idea a spatial transformation, the light is interesting for both adults and children. Comprised of seven elements connected by hinges, the simple joint system allows the elements to be rotated 360 degrees or fixed. The light fixture can then be moved into innumerable configurations in both two and three dimensions.

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With a casing of plywood and LED lights laid inside but illuminated through Plexiglas, the lamps have both commercial and residential application. From tables to walls to ceilings to under the bed and inside the fort, the 5 + 5 lamp can go from simple lamp to Avant Garde art lamp in a twist or two.

Via Selectism

Images via Oikimus Design