If you’re looking for a side table or stool with some edge, then the Stump just might be just the piece to show off your inherent flair for funkified style. Ubico Studio sources discarded hardwood pieces from carpenter studios surrounding their factory and transforms the smallest bits of scrap wood into sustainable, sturdy, and decorative tables for the home.

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Ubico’s “Stump Series” was inspired by the sheer amount of wood that was being thrown to waste by their neighbors. Being the frugal and eco-minded designers that they are, Ubico quickly realized that they could save a lot of money if they could figure out a way to salvage this wood. What they developed was a series of stools and tables that showcase the various colors and grains of the wood through a carefully-assembled matrix that is both beautiful and eco-friendly. Several pieces in the series also feature a recycled steel band embedded around the side, which adds a bit of industrial flair.

Both eco-friendly and socially-conscious, Ubico employs individuals from work programs focused on helping the disabled develop real-world skills.

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