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Photo credit: Juhn Kwon

The Mill Lamp  is constructed by dovetail-joining four pieces of scrap wood together, which are then turned on a lathe and sanded down to create a round form. The grain direction with the dovetail joints creates a kind of “woven” texture to the wood that changes as you walk around it or look at it from different angles. Ford explains, “I didn’t want the dovetail joint to be the focus, but more the overall random patterns that it creates while keeping it strong.” The lamp is then finished with a non-toxic, hand rubbed danish oil. Ford’s shop thoroughly examines each piece before being packed in drop-proof, environmentally-friendly shipping materials.

Through his Kickstarter page, he hopes to raise enough funds to make the first production run of the Mill Lamp a success, offering a high-end design to the market at a competitive price. In addition to the lamp, Ford is offering other items for your support, including a pen/pencil holder and a shot glass set and case — all byproducts of the lamp’s construction.

+ John Ford