One of the problems with electrical vehicles is having to charge them, especially since there just aren’t many charging stations readily available yet. However, building on the success of their public WattStation, FuseProject is hoping to change that by creating a residential model. The domestic version of their charging station design is as sexy looking as their commercial one and it would definitely make life a lot easier for people with electric vehicles, encouraging more of them on the road!

Named the residential GE WattStation, the charging station is an easy-to-use electric vehicle charger that has been specifically designed to help accelerate the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles. One of the drawbacks of electrical vehicles is the lengthy charging time, and this has put off many potential buyers. However the GE WattStation significantly decreases the time needed for vehicle charging and, using smart grid technology, allows utility companies to manage the impact of electric vehicles on the local and regional grids.

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Traditional EV charging stations can take anywhere up to 12-18 hours to charge a vehicle, but by combining functionality with consumer friendly form, the GE WattStation can decrease this to as little as four to eight hours. This is assuming it is a full-cycle charge for a standard 24 kWh battery. On their website, FuseProject says of the product that “the residential GE WattStation design is friendly and so simple to adopt that it will literally change one’s life overnight: No more trips to the gas station, something that surely no one will miss!”

When these become commercially available in 2011, they have the potential to transform the charging of electric vehicles, making them more appealing to the everyday driver.

+ FuseProject

Images from FuseProject