If I could be anywhere next week, I’d be at Future Design Days in Stockholm, Sweden. On November 14 and 15, designers and design-lovers will converge for a celebration and exploration of the current and future state of the industry that defines how we make things. Highlighted subcategories include industrial design, new media, architecture and interior design, and fashion.

A production of Futurelab, the forward-thinking Swedish communication agency, the event is inclusive in its definition of design. “Design can be good or bad, beneficial or evil. But design always has a clear purpose. Otherwise, it would not be design. If you have an intention and the ability to express it, that’s design. So it follows that everyone involved in the design process has a responsibility – economic, ecological, aesthetic, ethical.” If only responsibility were always so tempting.

+ www.futuredesigndays.com

+ www.futurelab.se