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Future of Fish, a nonprofit business incubator that supports sustainable seafood and marine conservation, has been named a finalist for this year’s Buckminster Fuller Challenge! The organization addresses concerns about dwindling fish stocks and marine conservation and sustainability through their work to preserve the future of the world’s oceans by battling overfishing, loss of diversity, bycatch, and other issues connected with the fishing industry.

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Founded by by Cheryl Dahle and led by Jason McLennan, the initiative focuses specifically on industry pioneers whose planned initiatives are directly aligned with their mission and whose ideas are considered “too nascent to secure traditional financing without the additional strategic and operational support we provide.”

Future of Fish’s mission is perfectly described on their website: “If we do not reduce worldwide overfishing, scientists predict the end of commercial fishing by 2050, a catastrophic event for the 200 million employed by the industry and the 1billion who rely on fish as their primary protein. We help innovate to avoid this fate.”

By working to develop and support leaders working to address multiple breakdowns in the system, Future of Fish brings together all levels of the seafood supply chain in order to “foster greater change than any one individual or organization could accomplish alone.”

Future of Fish was recently announced as one of the two finalists in the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) Challenge. Their efforts to stop overfishing, ecosystem degradation, and inept fishery management has won them massive acclaim especially with the ever-increasing challenge of over-harvesting.

Cheryl Dahle said: “I’m honored and delighted to have our work recognized by such a prestigious institution whose legacy embodies the kind of creative, integrated problem solving we aspire to do at Future of Fish.”

Stay tuned as we announce the winner on June 6th, and make sure to check out our video on last year’s Buckminster Fuller Challenge winner!

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